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Relive the cherished Cincinnati birthday tradition with a twist — the iconic Johnny's Toys castle key has been reincarnated in VW form at Running on Blooms!

Join the VDUB BDAY CLUB and receive a complimentary mystery gift from Betti the Volkswagen Bus on your special day.

As a club member, you'll receive a personalized postcard with a key to unlock Betti during your birthday month each year. Simply bring your key in to Running on Blooms during your birthday celebration, and our friendly staff will assist you in opening Betti to select a surprise gift!

Our gifts cater to all ages and come wrapped in our signature black and white packaging, ensuring even our team remains in suspense. We're excited to bring back this old Cincinnati tradition and can't wait for you to experience this annual delight!

Your new birthday tradition — Welcome to a club that's open to ALL ages. It's not just fun, it's downright exciting! And guess what? It's exclusively for you, once each year.