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Current Open Positions:

We are seeking creative and experienced Workshop Instructors to join our team and lead engaging and hands-on floral design workshops. The ideal candidate will have a deep passion for teaching, an interest in flowers, and the ability to inspire participants to unleash their creativity. This role involves planning, organizing, and instructing workshops for individuals or groups interested in learning the art of floral arrangement, including children.

No floral experience required! If you have a passion for teaching, you're good to go.

Responsibilites include:

-Workshop Development: Design and develop creative and educational floral workshop curricula suitable for various skill levels, ages, and interests.

-Instruction and Demonstration: Leading workshops with enthusiasm, providing clear instructions and demonstrations to guide participants through workshop content. Offer personalized feedback and assistance to ensure a positive experience.

-Materials & Supplies Management: Coordinate and organize the procurement of craft and floral materials, ensuring all necessary supplies are available for workshops.

-Customer Engagement: Interact with workshop participants, fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Address questions, provide additional guidance, and offer tips for guests to improve their skills.

  • Excellent teaching and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of different floral varieties, care, and arrangement techniques (we can teach you this!).
  • Ability to adapt workshops for various skill levels, from beginners to advanced participants.
  • Passion for sharing floral design knowledge and fostering creativity.

Additional Requirements:
  • Availability to conduct workshops on weekends or evenings as needed.
  • Ability to set up and organize a workshop space efficiently.

Pay rate:

$20+ based on experience

Typical shifts:

Summer teaching shifts are wide open!
Saturdays 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm
Some evening events 6-8pm

If you are a passionate and talented teacher who loves to share your expertise with others, we invite you to apply for this opportunity to inspire and educate individuals in the art of floral arrangement!

Bonny the Flower Truck is the face of Running on Blooms. As a Flower Truck Attendant, you will spend your days parked outside in the sun, selling flowers to the people.

Responsibilities include:

• Customer service and sales
• Greeting customers and working the register
• Helping guests with the Flower Truck build-your-own-bouquet experience 
• Floral merchandising and inventory
• Light cleaning duties

Additional Requirements:
  • Over age 16
  • Ability to be on your feet and outdoors for most of the day
  • Full-day availability: Flower Truck Attendants will be assigned to one vehicle for the entire day's shift. Half shifts available during summer.

Experience driving a manual transmission is preferred but not required.

Pay rate:

$16+ based on experience

Typical shifts: