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Behind the Blooms

Behind the Names

Running on Blooms is a play on the phrase “running on fumes,” when your engine is almost out of fuel. Old Volkswagens are notorious for having busted fuel gauges, and Betti and Bonny are no exception.

** Garret’s infamous story about running out of gas on the side of the road **

The idea for a white VW bus named “Betty White” came to us first, but we didn’t want to come across any copyright issues. Since we already have (extra a) Rachael, (one t) Garret, and Bonny (with a y), in our family, spelling Betti (with an i) seemed like the obvious choice.

We get “you should have named him Clyde!” a lot, and yes, “Bonny and Clyde” is totally a fun option too, but we just knew she was meant to be Betti from the start. Betti, Betti White.

Fun fact about Betti: She has a LOT more horsepower than Bonny. Like, a lot more.

Garret and I lived in Northern California throughout our twenties. One of our absolute favorite places is Santa Cruz, where we’d take our dogs to the dog beach most summer weekends. When we first got our VW truck, I started looking up California beach names for naming ideas. I was searching the map around Santa Cruz when I found Bonny Doon Beach, and I knew the name was just as quirky — I mean perfect — as our truck!

Fun fact about Bonny: She came to us red (currently being painted white) and we learned she originally came from the factory in Pearl White back in 1963.